I recommend CNY Web Innovations! Several years ago I needed someone to manage my website and help with some computer work – the problem I had was the individual that set me up passed away – and all of the information pertaining to the site was not available to me – Linda was able to get the information that was needed and has been managing my website – she has been extremely helpful !!

Ted Sniffen
Owner TDGSportshop.com

Linda Kelly is a highly experienced automotive consultant who uniquely comes to the table with a vast amount of experience she has obtained from her many years at Ford Credit. In addition, Linda possesses an instinct for what is needed for a dealer to be successful in today’s highly competitive and mercurial car market. She is organized, on time, professional and cares about my business. I would highly recommend Linda Kelly as a trusted internet marketing provider.

Dom Genova
President Genesee Valley Ford, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep

Appreciation is the best word to describe what it feels like to wrap up the first part of an anticipated long-term professional relationship with Linda Kelly. She works fast, hard, round the clock, takes time to play and gives clients the benefit of the doubt. In working with Linda, president, founder and hard worker-at-large for CNY Web Innovations, the Tioughnioga Lake Preservation Foundation at DeRuyter Lake enjoys the beneficence of her professionalism, flexibility and easy work style. The website the foundation and CNY Web Innovations designed together includes descriptive, picturesque information about the foundation. The inexperience of this foundation officer with Web design necessitated many design changes and adaptations to get to the site we are proud to have today. Linda is a team player who understands different and even unique situations, like ours. Feel free to visit our site to see the fine results for yourself.

Carol Jesche
President Tioughnioga Lake Preservation Foundation

Our Google search results are consistently high after Linda CNY Web went to work for us.She has worked hard to get us the most results from our website. I have found Linda to be hardworking, thoughtful and intuitive. Working with linda gives you great value.

Lew Radin, President
Ra-Lin Original Discounters

The Otisco Lake Preservation Association website is wonderful! We have used CNY Web Innovations for close to 4 years now and are very pleased. Web designer, Linda Kelly, has done an excellent job for us. She is creative and very easy to work with. The website is well planned out, easily navigated, colorful, fun and full of important, informative information. We are always hearing from people how great it is. I was actually asked by another Lake Association for the contact information because when they saw ours, they wanted one done by CNY Web Innovations too!

Anita Williams
President, Otisco Lake Preservation Association

Linda Kelly has been a staple with Koerner Ford for 30+ years with Ford. She now works as a independent rep taking care of our website new & used ads and dealer images and google campaigns. Linda is always looking at ways to improve sales service and exposure; she has always been a go to person with help and angles for many situations. She has been and still is a great asset to our business; I would recommend her to anyone.

Dave Allsop
General Sales Manager, Koerner Ford Syracuse NY